Gig Harborís original Bar class
The Bar Workout

Join the newest exercise trend for a total body sculpting workout

The Bar Workout
A fat burning muscle sculpting workout that utilizes free weights, ballet barre isolation exercises, Pilates and yoga to produce undeniable results

The Bar Workout
A transforming workout that:

  • Sculpts
  • Burns Fat
  • Makes you sweat
  • Produces strong flat Abs and defined waist
  • Gives you long lean legs and tight rear end
  • Firm and strengthen the arms, shoulders and back
  • Promotes flexibility with yoga and ballet barre stretches
  • Encourages peace and balance

Build Strength, gain flexibility, change your body and mind

Gig Harborís original The Bar Workout

The 75 minute class consists of:

Strength training using weights to sculpt upper and lower body.

Cutting edge core exercises utilizing the ballet barre, weights, balls, and bands

Ballet barre upper and lower body exercises to lift the seat and firm the buttocks, contour the waist and strengthen the arms

Yoga for balance and flexibility

Please contact us for more information regarding this brand new fitness routine.

For more information, call Pamella Inveen
(253) 380 4425 or use our contact page

The Bar Workout

Build strength, gain flexibility, change your body and mind.

Our goal at The Bar Workout is to help you feel good about your body. Anyone at every level of fitness is welcome to join The Bar Workout. We teach in an open loving environment where one can feel safe without judgment or competition. Gig Harbor Core Fusion offers a complete exercise program that will help you build physical strength as well as inner strength.

The Bar Workout is a dynamic mix of yoga, strength training, ballet, and Pilates. The Bar Workout is a continuous flowing series of Yoga and innovative resistance exercises that will help you develop the long, strong and lean muscles of dancers and elite athletes. With The Bar Workout you will learn how to focus on the core muscles involved in balance and movement. The routine will flow from one posse to the next while working toward total body/mind harmony.

The Bar Workout is a total body workout that develops strength, cardiovascular conditioning, balance and flexibility. Increase control by concentrating on core muscles while working out to fun motivating music. The Bar Workout involves 30-45 minutes of a powerful strength building session of resistance exercises using 3, 5, or 8# weights followed by Hatha Yoga and relaxation. This class is sure make you sweat.

The Bar Workout is a revolutionary fitness program that will help you to develop a beautiful strong and balanced body. Work at the ballet barre and begin to develop lean abs, firm round buttocks, contoured waist, sculpted legs, strong arms and beautiful posture and flexibility! Ballet barre exercises help strengthen the torso and legs in unison.

With The Bar Workout concentration on the core is needed to do the exercises which work the body from head to toe. Most barre exercises are performed with 3-5# hand weights to give you an intense heart raising workout. For a complete mind and body experience The Bar Workout, completes the class with yoga, flexibility, and relaxation exercises.

Why it works
Our body moves in all directions. As in dance we move in a circular motion; front, back, side to side, and twisting from our center. With these unique exercises we strengthen all of our muscles; core, legs and arms in all planes of movement unlike traditional exercises which have you moving mostly front to back.

It is vital in our life to have strength in all directions. This is the way we move in our everyday activities.

The Bar Workout
Includes yoga as a large part of our format.

We believe in the peace of mind gift that yoga will deliver. In the last 15-20 minutes of the 75 minute class we will slow down with basic Hatha yoga, classic stretches on the ballet barre, and meditation.


  • Flat abs
  • Defined waist
  • Lifted and tight seat
  • Toned inner thighs
  • Strong sculpted arms and back
  • Long flexible muscles
  • Balanced body
  • Peace of mind

Please contact us for more information regarding this brand new fitness routine.

For more information, call Pamella Inveen
(253) 380 4425 or use our contact page

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